-7.45 - Opportunity is Damaged

The Opportunity's drive and navigation malfunctions and they are unable maintain their speed and course. The Freedom tries to help but is unable to because they wouldn't be able to stop and start after helping. There is brief communication with other ships as they pass by.

0.0 - Adventure and Freedom arrive - Year Zero

The Adventure and Freedom arrive at Eden Planet. Human interplanetary colonization has ushered in a new and important era. The new dates look similar to this, 2-50.100. The first number, 2 in this case, stands for the epoch. The second set of numbers is the number of years since faster than light travel began. The last set of numbers is the day number. For example, April 10th is the 100th day of the year. So 2-50.100 is fifty years and one hundred days after the first faster than light travel.

  • 2 is the epoch beginning with faster than light travel.
  • The first epoch is everything from the year zero until faster than light travel (essentially A.D.).
  • Epoch zero is everything before the year zero (essentially B.C.).
  • 0.1 - Landing Party Evaluates Settlement Locations

    Advance landing parties descend to the planet's surface to evaluate locations that have been selected for initial camps.

    0.23 - Camp Adams is Founded

    Camp Adams, named for Michael Adams, the Captain of the OWSC Freedom

    0.92 - Curious Animals

    Dog-like animals have been found rummaging through supplies at camp. It's difficult keeping them out of things. They have stolen food, equipment, and other supplies. We have found them to be much more resourceful than dogs by getting into locked areas.

    2.280 - Focus on Farming

    The group, living in temporary shelters, focuses their efforts on farming. The farms are designed to support twice the number of colonists so that they are prepared for the next group.

    5.73 - Focus on Colony Development

    With the farms up and running, the colonists work hard to develop a democratic government and urban development.

    6.113 - City of Newport

    Martial law ends. The city of Newport is fully functional and the suburban neighborhoods are beginning to form smaller cities.

    6.212 - Passengers and Crew of the Opportunity are presumed dead.

    Even with strict rationing, everyone on the Opportunity would be dead by now or there would be too few people to run the ship. There is no hope for their arrival or rescue.Townspeople start spreading out into the areas which were prepared for new colonists.

    7.122 - Domesticated dog-like animals

    Settlers have become more comfortable with the dog-like creatures and hunters have worked in tandem with them. They are pack animals and have helped the new inhabitants find new sources of food and security while on expeditions. A hunting party adopted a pup after its mother was killed while protecting the team from a wild animal attack.

    7.160 - Opportunity monument ceremony

    A monument commemorating the passengers and crew of Opportunity was dedicated today in the town square of the town intended for them. The City of Opportunity is officially open for settling.

    8.11 - Focus on science

    Now that the two cities are up and running, the focus has been placed on science.

    8.146 - Opportunity arrives without notice

    Colony ship, Opportunity, arrives by surprise. It was late and there was no communication because their communications equipment was damaged.

    The colonists on the planet could see it in orbit and, after no communication with the ship, Began planning a mission to explore the ship and look for survivors. It’s a very mysterious decrepit ship and appears to have aged much longer than than it had been gone.

    The inhabitants are hungry and deprived. They had a rough trip and were in no condition to get right to work. The new colonists are cared for by the inhabitants but because they were presumed lost the additional resources needed to absorb the newcomers were used so the entire community sacrificed to care for them.

    97.17 - Faster than light speed drive a success

    Scientists have successfully tested a faster than light drive. The drive is fairly simple to construct but uses materials only found on the planet. The news has been kept very quiet due to tension with United Earth