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Black Mirror, Season 5 - You Com-Creep Me

Black Mirror Season 5 - B+

Creator Charlie Brooker is back with Black Mirror, season 5. Not that the near-future-tech insidiousness of seasons 1 through 4 ever left. Episode 1 of the latest cringe-fest stars Anthony Mackie of Avengers fame (though personally I consider The Night Before the jewel of his ouerve). I won't give too much away, but be prepared for the Falcon to fly the heterosexual coop in the most mind-bending "happy birthday to me!" theme you'll ever encounter.

Episode 2 stars Sherlock's Moriarty and Fleabag's Hot Priest. Looking for provocative commentary on the mutual-destruction nature of social media platforms (users and CEO, alike)? Look no further. Looking for a neat bow of "social justice prevails" ending? Nothing to see here, folks.

The last episode starring chameleonic chanteuse Miley Cyrus, and it pains me to type the following words, is one of the best Black Mirror episodes I've ever seen. And yeah, that includes the Pig one, dammit. She will figuratively wreck the ball of we boxed her in.

As with all Black Mirror episodes, you will be extricated from the mire of everyday-tech to examine the psychological impulses tethering you to them.

Oh, Charlie Brooker. You com-creep me.

The Perfection - A

You know when people say it isn't what you think? The Perfection is SOOOO not what you think. It may not be a coincidence ...Perfection stars Get Out break out, Allison Williams. You may remember Miss Williams as the milk-swillin' temptress with a heart of indefatigable racism.

Think of The Perfection as a reverse Get Out, with Alfred Hitchcock stretching across the celluloid divide for a suspenseful reach-around. It's a literal symbiotic orchestra of blood, gore and fuuuuuuuck. By the end, there's really nothing left to say except GET OUT!

Black Mirror Season 5 (3 series)

The Perfection (original movie)

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