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Boys will be The Boys

The Boys
Do place that subject line in the context of Garth Ennis' fantastical comic book creation The Boys. Bit of trivia: he originally envisioned the role of Hugie to be played by Shaun of the Dead's Simon Pegg.

Okay, so whomever consumes Amazon Prime's The Boys, give us a grade? Got a few nods of "eh, I'm kinda in" from Drew, Josh and Liezel for the first couple of episodes. I would be, but at the time of this writing was indelibly ensconced in the television's version of Jean Satre's hell: three streaming services, but Wave fucked me outta Internet connectivity; I languished under the tyrannical "sometime between 8a - 8pm" yoke of Wave Broadband.

There are Stranger Things in the Dark
There are Stranger Things in the Dark: unfairly looming in the shadow of Stranger Things is the timey-whimey, Germanic series Dark. Once you get over the sub, sub titles that is, you'll be captivated by this Stranger Things wrapped in the candy-coated OA-meets-season-3-of-Lost shell. Dark may have 99 Luft Ballons, but a suspenseful, time-travel drama ain't one.

There's Always Room for Noomi
The not-so new direct-to-video trend, straight-to-streaming, is not necessarily a bad thing. I mean it totally is in the case of Bright, and the more recent Point Blank (don't do either. I fell on that "worst buddy/ cop ever" sword so you wouldn't have to; you see anything with Frank Gillo in the list of cast members? Run, Forrest, run), but in honor of our Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is all grown up, eh, there's always room for non-Roofied-Jello. On a slow, "no new releases in sight," night check out these Noomi Rapace's Netflix's:

Oh, Gloria Estefan...
...the Netflix algorithm ain't ever gonna get me. This as evidenced by new releases on Netflix unbenknowst to me. Looking your way Mary Poppins Returns, which I found cloyingly unconsumable (not the point of this diatribe), and Spider-Man - Into the Spidey-Verse (a very grammatically unfriendly movie title). These are series/ movies this aethist would've religiously watched, but didn't cause didn't get an alert.

Seriously, though. As an aside: I gotta know who Enrique Inglesias is blowin' so I get an email alert every time he farts a new Netflix stand up.