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Netflix's Chambers Pot of Suck

Chambers (D): The "D" is for "don't do it." Chambers ranks right up there - or rather down there - with Umbrella Academy. Both claim to be supernatural shows, but both contain about as much "super" as a Kardashian does, I don't know, depth...?

Synopsis: Self-possessed teenage girl undergoes heart transplant with mystical repercussions. Self-possession turns into ACTUAL possession when the donor, an acolyte of supreme vapidity, still has wrath to wrought. Low production values and just plain old bad acting make Chambers a boring misstep of anything resembling the supernatural.

The Order (B-): Phrases like "eh, not bad" and "mildly entertaining" describe The Order. Synopsis: Teenage boy seeks vengeance against "Luke, I am your father" head of supernatural secret society warring with werewolf secret society in a collegiate backdrop of weak pop culture references and derivative characters.

Basically, The Order is first season The Magicians fucked third season Buffy the Vampire Slayer then last season Veronica Mars.

Black Summer (B+): I actually considered giving Black Summer an A. It's kinda good, she typed with bewildered delight. Short and viscera-imbued (only eight episodes!), Black Summer has an almost "ready player one" POV aesthetic. It neatly circumvents zombie trope core group migrates from one "Governor-esque" abattoir of suck to the next; Black Summer gleefully culls "safe" characters with joie de mort.

Revel in the descent from civilized society to feral "Lord of the Flies" meets "Dawn of the Dead." I know right! Check it out.