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Optimal Prime: The Latest from Amazon

Good Omens - A

Good Omens', the literary offspring of Neil Gaimon and the late Terry Pratchett, was once considered too dense for the non-geek masses. But, at a rapid-fire 6-episode ascension, Amazon has delivered us unto awesome; Good Omens' is a vibrant acid trip that ends all too soon. A miraculous occurrence in this gild-the-lily age of 22 episodes per season.

As Crowley (yup, that Supernatural Crowley), Tennant's Iggy-Pop frame careens scene-to-scene like a demonic pinball machine, forever cleansing [thankfully] the sulfurous ooze left in Jessica Jones Kilgrave's wake.

Ah, and Mister Sheen. Beloved Michael Sheen effortlessly slips the surly bonds of vampires, werewolves and Prime Ministers to sapphically shake his groove thang. As the well-meaning yet hapless Aziraphale, he Forrest Gumps his way to an heroic crescendo - all the while brandishing a fiery sword of "did I do that?"

Fleabag - B

Speaking of "surly slippage," Fleabag's creator and star, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, continues to escape the bonds of decent behavior to bring us the most odious of characters, characters preternatural-equipped to wreak havoc with the surgical precision of a beloved family member. At its petulant epicenter, Fleabag is a caricature study in poor decision-making and self-sabotage.

So why the recommendation?

Season 2. With whimsically-monikered characters like Hot Priest (Sherlock's Moriarty), and blink-and-you'll-miss-it bon mots of grace, Fleabag cauterizes the self-defecating wounds of season one to apply, if not a soothing balm, a somewhat comforting "shit happens/ move on" bandage.

Good Omens (6 series)

Fleabag (2 6-series)

Taiya Minott