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Responses to "What Can We Do, Safely?"


We're all emotionally oscillating between wanting to join protests, and not wanting to contribute to ensuing violence and potential COVID spread. So, looking for options beside anger and fear, here are some potential ways to help, safely. If anyone has additional resources please share: George Floyd

Color of Change: George Floyd

Go Fund Me: George Floyd

Minnesota Freedom Fund

NCAAP Legal Defense Fund Donation

Black Lives Matter

Southern Poverty Law


"I am not good at super honest conversation, but I want you to know that everything in the past 4 years have made me think hard about what I thought I knew about the world. Things are super fucked up. I don't know what to do except try to be an ally. So if I say stupid shit please call me on it. And continue to let me know what I can do to make things better.

Much love to you my friend...."

...Carrie Doring

"The events over the last week have been really tough. The murder of George Floyd was horrifying enough on its own and then seeing how the police behaved during the protests added to the pain and on top of that, our “leadership” in D.C. has been absolutely incompetent and offensive. Considering how “close to the edge” I’ve been because of all of this I know you’re probably feeling all of that plus it’s probably even more personal for you.

I really don’t know what to do or say, so I’ll just say I’ve got your back. I understand this is a really really really bad time. For now, I hope taking work off of your “worry list” will help a little. Let me know if I can help in any way."

...David Taylor