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Responses to "Why is There a Bunker on My Doorstep"


That incendiary question is not of my own creation, but today, globally needed to be asked. The question applies to everyone on this email, who range from Hawaii to Florida, from Texas to Massachusetts, but for just a sec, needs to be asked about Seattle and Felicia.

Felicia, our fellow consumer of all things TV, lives on Pine & 12th, across the street from the East Precinct, Capitol Hill Police Station (see the photos from her window attached). Through no fault of her own, Felicia finds her doorstep's become a bunker of civil what the fuck-ness.

She's contacted not only her property management apartment and her insurance company, but also Mayor Jenny Durkan (, to document violation of protesters' rights.

So, if you're like me, promising our loved ones we'll keep ourselves safe, yet seeking ways to say, without irony, without triteness, this revolution damn well better be televised, here's how we can continue our support. Let's continue our support for those protesting with helicopters overhead, and riot gear down below.