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Shrill: Portlandia Meets Sex in the City (C)

Shrill on Hulu (6 episodes)

The reason we consume movies, television, (click-bait sites under the cover
of a well-placed duvet), is to, if for only a moment, experience the
thrilling trajectory of a character transforming from the person with whom
we relate, into the person we wish to be.

I didn’t get that from Shrill - like at all. Okay, I mean I got
the first half of the series: bosses you’d like to skewer with a
Siracha-dipped trident, how finding clothes not designed for a
negative-size zero being akin to finding that warehouse crate in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

But then that’s where empathy for Shrill’s protagonist, Annie,
comes to a screeching “oh, wait. You’re kind of an asshole” halt.

Annie is so wrapped up in the gooey center of her pain, she has no interest
in evolving into the groovy chick I kept waiting to meet. There were bon
mots of “you go, girl,” but they were quickly deflated by scenes of “Jesus,
you’re a grown-ass woman, for fuck’s sake.”

One of the things I did enjoy? The dazzling distraction of best friend,
Fran (with whom everyone should totally immerse themselves in Loaded on Netflix),
and co-worker, Amadi. Both rain undeserved loyalty on Annie like Ramen salt on French fries
(that’s a thing. Look it up).

At the end of this particular television consumption, I had no interest in
being Annie, or traveling her trajectory. After fighting her own beauty her
entire life, she simply had no fight.

Shrill on Hulu (6 episodes)