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Taken with Tuca & Bertie (A)

Tuca & Bertie on Netflix (10 episodes)

Though replete with BoJack Horseman aesthetics (same writer, Lisa Hanawalt), Tuca & Bertie is brilliant and distinct. The kinetic pacing takes a bit of getting use to, but seriously. Any show where a character's boob pops out of her chest and takes down the office misogynist is pretty fucking awesome.

Speaking of unique voices, the animated characters are brought to life by the creme de la satirical creme of observational comedy - Tiffany Haddish, Ali Wong, Tig Nutaro, and local Seattle-ite, Reggie Watts, to name a few.

Don't expect a linear unfurling of Tuca and Bertie's epiphany-soaked misadventures. Instead let the dizzying array of "oh, for fuck's sake," "sistah, please," and "I got you, girl" wash over you like a "it's about damn time" balm.

Tuca & Bertie on Netflix (10 episodes)