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We Need to Talk About Hanna... (C+)

Hanna on Prime (8 episodes)

Once again, Prime torments with their "We'll eventually launch our content,
but trust us, it won’t be worth the wait" business model. Looking your way
last year's Jack Ryan and this year's GoOd Omens.

Hanna is awesome. And then it's really, really isn't. The characters,
Alter Carbon's Joel Kinnion and The Killings' Mireille Enos, Jason Bourne their
way across Europe with scintillating fight sequences, only to have the
series deflate into Mean Girl scenes of characters brushing each
other's hair whilst shrieking, "do you think he likes me? Do you think he
likes me?!!"

The bits about Hanna that work? When the character gives into
feral bad ass (episode 7 and 8)

The parts about Hanna that don't work? When the character gives
into feral teenager (episodes 1 thru 6).

If you haven't noticed, A Quiet Place quietly launched on Hulu and
Prime. The talented and beautiful John Krasinki/ Emily Blunt coupledom, who
really do seem to have it all, produced a compact, flawless and just - I
know, I know. I'm hearing it as I type - quietly, wonderful film.

It's a horror story that breaks all the rules while still paying homage to
the classics (Stephen King actually called John Krasinki to exclaim, "dude,
you scared the shit outta me."

So, if you only consume one offering of a father going above and beyond to
save their child? Do A Quiet Place. If you wanna do two?
Then watch A Quiet Place twice cause Hanna just fucking sucks.

Oh, and by the by, Umbrella Academy has been green lit for season
2 on Netflix, which explains the sudden looseness of my bowels.

Hanna on Prime (8 episodes)

A Quiet Place (Hulu)

A Quiet Place (Prime)